Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bill Kubick Rest in Peace

Received this message today:

It is with sadness that I inform supporters of Americans For Historical Accuracy (AFHA) of the passing last week of WWII veteran Bill Kubick of Seattle Washington.

Bill, a "charter member" of AFHA, had worked closely with Lillian Baker, author/lecturer, and founder of the organization dedicated to challenging Pacific WWII historical revisionism by the Japanese-American Citizens League (JACL).

With limited funds and members, AFHA attempted to present the true facts re J-A relocation and internment issues.

Bill, a pioneering irrigation expert with a great sense of humor, had his serious side in outlining his 1980s political involvement with Mrs. Baker, David Lowman and others active in AFHA via articles and letters to the media, and Internet Blogs. For additional info, use Google to learn more about Bill Kubick, a great American.

He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

PS: In 1989, Bill and I (man who sent the notice) were part of a small group of vets who traveled to Washington, D.C. led by Mrs. Baker and our AFHA attorney. We testified before a biased congressional subcommittee in opposition to PL 100-383, the unwarranted "Apology-Reparations Bill" promoted by Congressmen Mineta and Matsui and the Japanese American Citizens League. Bill assisted in lodging a formal protest with Chairman Neal Smith, against Mineta and Matsui's right to testify. They and their families were all to receive $20,000 each in the $2.5 Billion "unwarranted U.S. giveaway."

BainbridgeHistorians note: If you would like to send a message of condolence to Bill's widow please let me know at It would be preferable to to provide the information at this blog, but the foot stomping claques are still out there and we will not allow them to kick a widow when she's down....


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