Saturday, September 15, 2007

Politicans at it again

I just received a 4-page brochure from the National Park Service in which it is explained that $38 million has been appropriated to preserve and "interpret" the numerous sites of "confinement" of "Japanese Americans" during WWII.

No mention is made of the confinement of any Americans of European descent, of course.

This pamphlet explains that grant money will be issued to those "eligible" groups and institutions who are approved to receive it in order to assist in this project.

The catch is that whomever is approved for a grant will have to put up their own matching funds of 50 percent of the amount of the grant. Of course I presume that JACL and its fellow-travelers will have no problem putting up the matching money, hence we can, no doubt, look forward to a continuting propagandizing of the subject similar to the "trial run" at Manzanar which has apprently been completed as a result of prior Congressional action several years ago.

It appears that all those of us intested in historial accuracy can do is to sumit comments as to whom and what subjects should be covered by the grant program.

Those interested in doing so and who did not receive a copy ot this pamphlet can get the same info on the internet by Googling "PL 109-441" which will give you a Manzanar NPS website with much the same info as the brochure I received.

Numerous public meetings are apparently to be scheduled nearby to the site of some of the old relocation and DOJ internment centers beginning within the next several weeks to set up the following agenda:

1. September/October 2007--Gather information, public participation, comments

2. November/December 2007--Develop grant criteria, national public meeting

3. February 2008--Finalize criteria for grant program.

The reparations activists lobby the politicans to do their bidding and then use government actions to justify their revisionist history as credible.

It's amazing how the Japanese American reperations movment they can lean on government action such as the 1988 Japanese Money Bill while at the same criticize the government's decision to evacuate in wartime. The difference is the evacuation wasn't the result of an intense lobbying effort by ethnic activist extremests.