Tuesday, June 14, 2005

BIJAC folks getting the inside dope from National Park Service

Friends of Historical Accuracy regarding the ethnic Japanese Evacuation of 1942

From the beginning the NPS as been in bed with BIJAC. We have been nothing more than a thorn in their sides, especially NPS who at least superficially must provide a semblance of fairness to our concerns. We know it's been a lot of lip service. Here is another example:

Local BIJAC official sends a mass email to his potential supporters in the hopes they will provide positive feedback to NPS. This after his mole at NPS explains.....well read for yourself....

"Sorry for the impersonal mass email, but would you please do me - and the greater community as a whole - a big favor?

The time for public comments end the day after tomorrow, Wednesday June 15, to the National Parks Service on the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial.

The internment apologists have organized a nation-wide email campaign against us, and the National Parks Service has informed me that they are "bombarded" with emails saying "no tax dollars" with the typical messages, sometimes racist, of justifying the mass exclusion and other vile nonsense.
It is critical to show that our project has widespread support.

All that's needed is a simple email message to mailto:anna_tamura@nps.gov before June 15.

1. Please state that you support the Bainbridge Island JapaneseAmerican Memorial (Nidoto Nai Yoni - Let it not happen again) and site at least one reason, such as first JA in American history under Civilian Exclusion Order No. 1 to be sent to internment camps; internment was wrong; etc.

2. Urge support for Alternative "C" which would make the memorial a satellite unit of the Minidoka Internment National Monument. After being the first group to arrive at Manzanar, the Bainbridge Island JA community transferred to Minidoka where they remained until the end of the war. By being part of the National Parks Service, the Bainbridge story would tell both the fore and after stories of the internment chapter.

3. List your name and address.

That's it. Also, would you please forward this as far and wide to whomever you see fit to hopefully get as many responses as possible?

Thanks in advance..."

You know the historical facts are on your side when the opposition is left only to play the race card. What I find vile is the behavior of the NPS for allowing the BIJAC activist access to information that they would never provide to the general public. That's unethical favoritism.....

P.S. Better mention the reason Bainbridge Japanese moved to Minidoka from Manzanar was because the Southern California Japanese and Puget Sound Japanese disliked each other immensely, the Bainbridge Japanese who didn't leave for east of the Military Zones. The 100% truth, that's all we ask...


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