Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Here, In America? The Truth.

The truth is the picture was taken in Seattle, Washington on November 24, 1945. The old man is a Japanese repatriate, still loyal to the now defeated Empire of Japan and embarking back to Japan. The cop appears to be helping load up his belongings.

Whatever the cop is doing, it has nothing to do with the image manipulated by ethnic Japanese activists. It is disturbing to find Hastings College of the Law along with a list of scholars involved in perpetuating an untruth. This is not the first time the 1942 evacuation has been perverted to support an agenda and it is terribly dishonest.

If you have questioned our concern with the current "internment" curriculum at Sakai School on Bainbridge Island, this is an example. The Sakai curriculum is a perversion. Blatant dishonesty is being fed to our kids as the truth.


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