Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The anniversary elegy

Friends of Historical Accuracy regarding the ethnic Japanese Evacuation of 1942

Yu Bin at Asia Times online writes a good piece regarding the 60th anniversary of the end of the war.

You'll find it here.

As you may have read here, we get hate mail at Friends of Historical Accuracy. (We get supportive mail, too. Generally speaking, the local supportive mail comes from old time islanders and the local hate mail from newcomers. The latest hate mail is being sent anonymously as "Dick Kotoshirodo", but I backtraced the IP address to an island newcomer / BIJAC supporter.)

So the latest round of hate mail involves an old time island nisei who confronted my brother at the grocery store regarding a letter I wrote a couple years ago to the local paper. To make a long story short, the old timer was a close friend of my dad's and my brother was upset that I had upset him so my brother made some inaccurate comments regarding me and my motivations that he is not in a position to make.

Apparently this conversation got back to BIJAC and is now being used as fodder for a variety of hateful messages along with the usual "you're a low life, you're a racist....yada, yada, yada..."

Of course I knew it would get back to BIJAC. When I sent a mass email to the state legislature a couple of years ago, it was forwarded straight to BIJAC who forwarded to its members, a couple of whom forwarded it back to me!

That the grocery store exchange made it back to the likes of the guy sending me the hate mail does not say much for BIJAC. Perhaps he's an actual member of BIJAC or a BIJAC thug on the fringes. If he's the type BIJAC is recruiting then BIJAC has a credibility problem.

If you want to know what motivates me, read this.

UPDATE: Backtracing IPs is an inexact science. Upon further research it has been discovered the sender of the latest round of hateful email is not an island newcomer but rather is fringe BIJAC thug and arch-nemisis UNC law professor Eric Muller of is thatlegal.org. Not even I could imagine Muller is capable of such hateful language. A blog with all the details is forthcoming.


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