Saturday, July 09, 2005

Eric Muller = Flagellating Protozoa

Friends of Historical Accuracy regarding the ethnic Japanese Evacuation of 1942

Professor Muller flagellates by providing this email response to a Friend of Historical Accuracy:

On the merits, "Bob"/Olsen is making a fatal blunder.

"Bob"/Olsen asked me specifically whether I'd ever received money from the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund ("CLPEF").

That was a *federal* program that terminated several years ago. I said I had not, which is true. What "Bob"/Olsen did *not* ask me was whether I had ever received grant money from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP), a *state*-funded program in California which came into existence after CLPEF terminated, and is still part of the California budget.

The answer to that is, of course, that I have received two grants from CLPEP. "Bob"/Olsen is now crowing that I lied in denying receipt of grant money from CLPEF. But I didn't receive grant money from CLPEF. "Bob"/Olsen asked the wrong question, you see, and I answered the question he asked rather than the one he thinks he asked.

My response that Eric refuses to post on his own blog site:

Technically, Eric is right. My initial question did not differentiate between the CLPEF and the CCLPEF.

However, Eric's blog is not a courtroom.

I am not a lawyer (5 in the family is enough) and if Eric wants to play semantics that's fine.

I pointedly asked if he had accepted funds and he denied it. The funds regardless of state or federal taxpayer dollars is irrelevant. Eric was given the opportunity to come clean on his financing and he chose the sleazy denial.

"Fatal blunder"...what a joke!

Eric then says:

At the time I barred him, "Bob" was impersonating other commenters, not merely posting anonymously but constantly shifting IP addresses to avoid all accountability, and hurling invective at others. Remember? Yes, yes ... others were hurling them too--but they identified themselves, took responsibility for what they wrote, and did not shift IP addresses in order to defeat my ability to control my own board.

My answer is what nonsense! I had always posted in a civil tone on Eric's blog regardless of the hateful invective served up by the Muller peanut gallery towards Commander "Friend of Historical Accuracy" (an 86 year old Naval intelligence veteran) or myself.

After I had pointedly inquired into Muller's financing and he banned me from commenting, I chose to spoof my IP address. It's perfectly legal and not my concern Muller was too inept to deal with it.

Fact is professor, you made accusations based on circumstantial evidence. You publically identified me as Capt. Olsen and you were wrong.


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